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1. Remove the bandage applied by the artist when you get home and/or it may be left wrapped for up to 2 hours until you can find a safe and clean place to wash it. Never apply a new bandage unless otherwise directed to.

2. Wash your new tattoo thoroughly with warm water and an unscented anti-bacterial soap (Dial Gold, Soft Soap Gold, Dove unscented etc.) Rinse the tattoo off with cold water and pat dry it with a clean paper towel. Continue this step for 2 weeks, twice a day.

3. Let your tattoo air dry overnight and apply a very small amount of Aquaphor to it the next morning after cleaning the tattoo thoroughly again.  Rub the Aquaphor in thoroughly as you would a hand lotion. Do not over apply the Aquaphor as this will ruin your new tattoo. *Less is more!

4. Use the Aquaphor once in the morning and once at night (or if it appears very dry) for the next 3 days.

5. After 3 days switch to a regular white unscented hand lotion (Gold Bond Ultimate Healing, Aveeno, Coconut Oil, etc.) Apply this lotion sparingly once in the morning and once again at night. This step can be continued for the life of the tattoo.

*DO NOT  get your tattoo dirty.

*DO NOT pick or scratch the scabs accompanied by your tattoo

*DO NOT go swimming or expose yourself to water for long periods of time (15-20min. showers are fine)

*DO NOT expose your  new tattoo to direct sunlight

*AVOID rigorous  workouts with your new tattoo

*AVOID pet contact and dander during the healing process


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